Trace Elements in Man and Animals

كتاب Trace Elements in Man and Animals

الكاتب: Multiple References

Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Trace Elements in Man and Animals (TEMA 10), held May 2-7, 1999, in Evian, France. This volume containing the proceedings of the tenth of the highly successful TEMA meetings, presents recent progress in the research on the functional role and metabolism of trace elements, and new developments in the understanding of molecular and cellular biology. Various contributions providing new data on zinc and copper transport mechanisms, enable a global view of the molecular metabolism of these metals in the human body, whilst other particularly dramatic results presented here offer new perspectives on the epidemiology of trace elements deficiency and supplementation. Also included are the results of recent major trials demonstrating the beneficial effect of selenium on human health. The spectacular growth of interest in the field of selenium, with the discovery of new selenoproteins and biological roles, is represented here along with the other areas of particular progress the research into boron and chromium, which have marked this year's meeting.

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