Tick-borne diseases in cattle

كتاب Tick-borne diseases in cattle

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Forty seven animals that had theileriosis (24 animals), anaplasmosis (13 animals), babesiosis (2 animals), theileriosis plus anaplasmosis (7 animals) and anaplasmosis plus babesiosis (1 animal) were the materials of the present study. Out of 47 animals, thirty one were exogenous or cross-breed and 16 were local animals. Again, 24 of them were cows, 11 bulls and 12 calves. Hypertrophy of lymphoid tissues, fever, anaemia, petechia, weight loss, nasal bleeding and abort were observed in the animals with theileriosis. Fever, anaemia, icterus, and haemoglobunuria were the most common clinical signs of the animals with babesiosis. Fever, anorexia and weakness were the only symptoms observed in the animals with anaplasmosis. Animals with theileriosis had significantly (p>0.01) lower PCV values. PCV values under 10 % were observed only in the animals with theileriosis. These animals also had significantly (p>0.05) lower rectal temperatures compared to the animals that had PCV values over 20 %. Infusion of colloids for treatment apart from antiparasiter drugs found to be lifesaving in the animals which had PCV values under 10 %. Severity of the diseases were not significantly different when local and exogenous animals compared in terms of PCV and rectal temperatures. When PCV and rectal temperatures compared in terms of sex and age, calves found to be more resistant to the diseases than bulls and cows. Ticks could be collected from only 14 animals. These possible transmitters of the disease(s) were Rhiphicephalus (R ) bursa, R. sanguineus, R. turanicus, Hyalomma (H) anatolicum anatolicum and H. anatolicum excavatum.

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