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The pharmacology of drugs used for the treatment of trematodal disease of domestic animals has been afforded much less attention than the antinematodal drugs . This may be because the world-wide market for flukicidal drugs is, smaller or because the traditional flukicidal drugs were introduced at a time when less emphasis was placed on full understanding of their pharmacology . The most important trematode of veterinary interest in the UK is Fasciola hepatica and fascioliasis in sheep is of great economic importance . Where environmental conditions are optimal its effects can be devastating . It has been estimated that during the winter of 1879-80 3 million sheep died from fascioliasis in the UK (Mitchell, 1979) . The flukicidal drugs belong to a number of diverse groups according to their structures and mode of action. They have variable activity against parasitic stages of F. hepatica and have marked differences in toxicity . An understanding of these characteristics is important for the effective and safe use of flukicidal drugs . The present review concentrates on flukicidal drugs marketed for the treatment of F. hepatica infestations in the UK ; additionally mention is made of other important flukicidal drugs used abroad and of their activity against other parasites .

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