Soundness in the Horse

كتاب Soundness in the Horse

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To gain valuable insight into your horse’s health and well-being, spend some time assessing his soundness every week or two, the day after a big school or show or anytime you suspect a problem. Start by standing him square, on level ground. Then go over his body from head to toe. Head . Look for right–left symmetry. For example, the flat muscles at the cheeks should be equally developed. A bulge or a depression may indicate a dental problem.2. Check the jaw’s grinding motion: Put one hand on your horse’s nose. With your other hand, lightly grasp his lower jaw and gently move it a little to one side and then the other. It should slide easily for a half-inch or so before your horse needs to open his mouth. Resistance may be a sign of discomfort from a dental issue or problem with the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull. Neck and Back . Use the flats of your fingers to press lightly along the neck, withers and muscles that run down your horse’s back, a couple of inches on each side of his spine. Examine one side, then the other. Look for asymmetrical muscle development and signs of soreness.

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