Potentiated Sulfonamides

كتاب Potentiated Sulfonamides

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The combined and synergistic activities of the two agents in each type of potentiated sulfonamide produce antibacterial activity against a wide range of infections caused by gram-positive and gramnegative bacteria, some protozoa, and some anaerobes under certain conditions.{R-44} The minimum inhibitory concentrations against specific susceptible bacteria for each antibiotic are generally lowered when the antibiotics are administered in the potentiated sulfonamide combination. The resistance developed to the potentiated sulfonamides is lower than that to each individual agent;{R-20; 23} this is an important benefit because of the common resistance to sulfonamides and rapid development of resistance to diaminopyrimidines when used alone.{R-20} Cross-resistance between sulfonamides is considered complete and often occurs between pyrimidines

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