New Concepts of Cattle Growth

كتاب New Concepts of Cattle Growth

الكاتب: Multiple References

The concepts in this book about growth and development of cattle are as new now to most cattle producers and even to many animal scientists as they were when it was first published in 1976. Genetic effects - represented by breed and sex differences - on patterns of growth of muscle, fat, and bone are graphically presented to provide a vivid elucidation of the effect of mature size on changes in body composition with increasing weight. A comprehensive analysis of muscle dissection data shows that historical attempts to select animals for improved muscle distribution, at least as represented by differences among breeds as diverse as Holstein and Hereford, have been futile. Other effects, such as nutrition, on growth of muscle, bone, and fat are covered, and the effectiveness of indirect methods of predicting carcass composition are summarized. This book is an essential component of the reference collections of agricultural scientists and livestock farmers who rely on data to make decisions about the value of animals for meat.

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