Manual of Hoof Care

كتاب Manual of Hoof Care

الكاتب: Multiple References

nside you will find in addition to the chapters on anatomy, mapping and trimming technique, methods to help you complete a balanced capsule. With skills in tool handling and an understanding of the ABC HoofPrint Trim Method. Techniques that will "Hone" your eye to see pathology, imbalance, weakness and the steps needed to correct these problems. There are mylar covered pages with a variety of hooves you can practice mapping on with an eraseable marker. Fourteen jam packed pages full of answers to questions about trimming and hoof problems: clubfoot, sheared heel, underslung and forward foot syndrome capsules, wall cracks, disease, founder, lamintis are all addressed. This is a simple, concise and educational book that will help you help your equine whether you are a professional or beginner. This book will help you understand the hoof clearly. You will be able to tell if those you are paying to provide hoofcare are being responsible to your equine.

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