Macrolide antibiotics in food-animal health

كتاب Macrolide antibiotics in food-animal health

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Several 14- and 16-membered-ring macrolide antibiotics have acquired important roles in the modern production of food animals. Macrolide antibiotics exhibit many similar antimicrobial properties whether used in veterinary or human medicine. In addition to their direct inhibitory action on micro-organisms, macrolides exert a variety of subinhibitory concentration (subMIC) effects that are being increasingly recognised as important factors in the explanation of therapeutic results. Macrolides achieve wide tissue distribution and high intracellular concentrations that contribute prominently to their efficacy. Another important factor governing efficacy is the complex interaction between macrolides, micro-organisms, and phagocytes that may enable the host defence system to enhance the antibiotic’s inhibitory action. A potential role for macrolides in modulating inflammatory processes has also been recognised. In both sub-MIC effects and interactions with the host immune system, different macrolides exert different responses that may reinforce or oppose each other. This complexity of responses requires additional studies in appropriate disease states and animal species in order to elucidate a more comprehensive understanding and explanation of in vivo outcomes.

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