Hypernatremia in Calves

كتاب Hypernatremia in Calves

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Hypernatremia (sodium chloride intoxication) is described in two calves due to presumed mixing errors of oral electrolyte solutions while undergoing therapy for neonatal diarrhea. The experimental induction of hypernatremia in two clinically normal calves is also reported. Physical findings in diarrheic calves included depression, weakness, dehydration, and diarrhea. Serum sodium concentrations were found to be 171.6 mEq/l and 208.0 mEq/l, respectively. Treatment with intravenous fluids was attempted in both cases, but one calf died after 6 hours and the other calf died after 2 days and exhibited periodic convulsions before death. Experimental induction with oral administration of 1 1 of electrolyte concentrate, which contained approximately 2750 mEq sodium revealed that the normal calves would willingly consume the solution as mixed with milk and develop clinical signs of hypernatremia within 6 hours of administration. Serum sodium concentrations of 176.0 and 179.8 were found in the experimental calves and coincided with the onset of overt depression and weakness, at which time they were euthanatized. Cerebrospinal fluid electrolyte analysis paralleled the serum electrolyte alterations. (Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 1988; 2:66-70)

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