Dictionary of Medical Terms

كتاب Dictionary of Medical Terms

الكاتب: Multiple References

This dictionary explains the original meanings and correct use of the 500 Greek and Latin words and word parts that make up 98% of all medical terms used today. It stimulates better, quicker comprehension of medical terminology with less grinding memory work and is the ideal way for students to learn how medical words are formed from Latin and Greek roots and how to construct a medical vocabulary for both old and new medical words. It shows how to break long medical words into their simple Greek and Latin roots and helps solve the mystery of medical jargon by supplying a logical system for understanding terminology. Also, it is the first work of its kind to open up access for doctors to understanding the whole of medical terminology, regardless of specialty. And because it is a totally new dictionary readers can be assured of learning true etymologies and accurate meanings instead of the notoriously inaccurate and misleading derivations copied from one so-called standard dictionary to the other over the years.

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