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This eighth edition of Microbiological Applications differs from the previous edition in that it has acquired four new exercises and dropped three experiments. It retains essentially the same format throughout, however. In response to requests for more emphasis on laboratory safety, three new features have been incorporated into the text. In addition, several experiments have been altered to improve simplicity and reliability. The three exercises that were dropped pertain to flagellar staining, bacterial conjugation, and nitrification in soil. All of these exercises were either difficult to perform, unreliable, or of minimal pedagogical value. To provide greater safety awareness in the laboratory, the following three features were added: (1) an introductory laboratory protocol, (2) many cautionary boxes dispersed throughout the text, and (3) a new exercise pertaining to aseptic technique. The three-page laboratory protocol, which follows this preface, replaces the former introduction. It provides terminology, safety measures, an introduction to aseptic technique, and other rules that apply to laboratory safety

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